NA LCS Summer 2017 review: weeks 1-5

Well, this was a handsome well-written piece before the power running out and ruining it. Now, it's going to be a shortie!


Top Contenders

  • TSM: my best bet. After stumbling at weeks 1-2 by forcing Bjersen into playing frontline tanks. Once he was unlocked into roaming mages (such as Talyiah) and burst carries (like Syndra), TSM easily found a winning retrospect. Also, TSM had a strong showing at Rift Rivals, which renewed my beliefs that 2017 might be the year. 
  • IMT & CLG: the trade between junglers seems to be working fine for both teams, and they'll fight tooth and nail for that last playoff bye. I'm going to give the slightest of edges here to CLG, just because its roster seems to be working better together than IMT's. 
  • C9: at this moment, unlikely to challenge the other top contenders. Yet, once the team works out the situation it created by constantly swapping between Ray and Impact on top lane, I believe it has what it takes to be top 2. 

Middle of the Pack

  • DIG & NV: both teams started out strong and fell off after week 3. Still, they have enough gas in the tank to fight for a playoff spot, unless a new team steps up to challenge their comfort. 
  • P1: If such team exists, it's going to be P1, on the back of its new jungler MikeYeung, chosen MVP of Rift Rivals group stage. I'm very psyched to see this player unleashes hellfire in the Rift with his super aggressive early game invades, it's something competitive League of Legends needs desperately to become more exciting.

Relegation Candidates

  • FOX: another strong starter, it ran out of steam and it's unlikely to get a playoff spot, especially after being boycotted by other LCS teams due to political bickerings.
  • FLY: Wildturtle has been showing that one can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. That being said, it might be too late for this kind of reaction. FLY needs a lot more to get out of the hole it dug itself in.
  • TL: with 10 young, inexperienced players on its roster, this team was doomed to relegation by its own reckless management. Too bad for the players, who seem to genuinely be trying to learn and improve. Time will likely run out too soon.
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