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So, I'm making an effort to deal with the crushing depression after I left PURA, and I've decided to make fun of myself in the process. Of course, the goal is to make myself laugh a little, but in the most embarrassing way possible, so I asked my followers on Twitter to join in the fun:

In case automatic translation is not available, I asked "How to deal with the crippling depression that pains my body?" and the most voted answer was "an Anitta marathon". Well, you asked and you shall receive. If you have managed to live in a country still unaffected by the Anitta storm, I guess I owe you a little piece of culture: Anitta is a former Brazilian funk singer turned pop artist by a well-calculated mainstream media push. As expected, she is now pushing her career towards the rest of the world, so it is only expected she becomes the next Michel Teló. Bradley Stern explains her career well enough in his article Brazil Comes to Us

Her hit songs are quite catchy and groovy, so it will pose a fun challenge to dive in the choreographies:

Paradinha is her last hit. Recorded in NYC, sung in Spanish and with the title in Portuguese, this is likely the most ingeniously globalized song I've ever listened to. I'll probably start with this one because the choreography seems easier and it's also the shortest. 

Sim ou Não is a duo with famous reggaeton artist Maluma. It's a good mix between their styles and a slight step above the previous one in terms of difficulty.

Você Partiu Meu Coração is a folk song by Nego do Borel featuring Anitta and Wesley Safadão (another folk singer). It's my favorite in the list, albeit its lyrics are way too cringeworthy to be translated. 

Show das Poderosas was the song that made her reach nationwide fame. The choreography is the most challenging, by far, and I'll definitely need help with this one, because I have very little motion control. 

I plan on recording my sessions so I can have my readers' input on how I'm doing. Stay alert, first update on this should be online by next week! Let's shake that ass, baby!

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