The cold's coming in hot!

It's been unusually cold in Rio the last week.

Of course, by cold, I mean around 15ºC (40ºF), which is essentially Canadian spring standards, but, still, enough to put mostly everyone at the streets in jackets. I woke up today to all-around tweets about how cold it is, and even a long-standing trending topic about the cold.

Of course, Brazilian winter has the added bonus of the inversion, which drives all of us with respiratory conditions and allergies insane in the futile attempt to breathe. It has also been raining almost every day, making the whole picture quite a sad one to contemplate early in the morning. Getting up to fulfill the millenials' mission of changing the world has become increasingly difficult to pull off.

I've been wasting several hours a day in the constant attempt to get up and do work. In special, my body temperature starts the day so low that I can barely feel my own heat when I wake up. Lower body temperatures have been also associated with sleepiness for a while now, so warming oneself up should be a top priority in the morning. In Canada, I had a heater that made my room remarkably hot in the morning, but that's in the past. Getting a heater in Brazil is a stupid idea, since it would only be useful a few weeks a year. Instead of complaining about the cold like my fellow compatriots, I've decided to use it as an opportunity to try out some stuff and see what I can get away with.

I did a quick search and elected these as the objects of my experiment:


Yes! If you're a regular, you knew that was coming. Caffeine is the core ingredient in most thermogenics, while also being cheap and easy to acquire, store and ingest at any time. I already take 200mg every day and I wasn't seeing decent results. However, today, before I went to work, I took another 200mg + 100mg of L-theanine and the mood improvement was great. The combinations works because L-theanine potentializes caffeine's strengths (increased focus and energy) while significantly reducing its drawbacks (higher blood pressure, increased anxiety). So, for tomorrow, I'll try a 400mg/200mg stack and note the results. It's a borderline safe dosage, so the risk is quite small for the likely benefit of getting up earlier.


I particularly hate wearing heavy clothing to sleep, but this might be a decent temporary solution. So, the idea is to get tired enough to fall asleep quickly and wear enough clothing to get me to sweat in buckets. I'll probably not manage to do that today, but I'll find a way soon, I promise.

Hot beverages

For many, this is the most obvious option and likely their daily drivers. For me, however, warming up a beverage requires a lot of setup. If I could get up in time to make hot coffee, I could also throw myself under a hot shower, which would be far more effective in heating myself up. Therefore, my goal is to get a hot beverage by the minute I wake up, before getting out of bed. The easiest solution, of course, will be getting a coffee machine for my bedroom. I wonder if I can do it in the dark and with limited awareness, but there's not much risk of getting burnt, I believe.

Rounding up

It's cold, but this is a crucial week for work, school and project, and I don't plan to fall behind. Full steam ahead!



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