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First day at new job

So, it was quite an uneventful day, despite everything that happened. I called the companies to let them know I'd be declining their offers and they were ok with it. They asked why and were understanding of my reasons.

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New prototype published:

Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that I built a new prototype with my limited free time. A startup I applied to asked me to build a web dashboard out of a dataset they sent me and here it is, in full glory:

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Art Corner (episode I)

I've been trying to put my artistic skills to work for some time and the results have been way too hilarious for me not to share with you. 

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Mobile websites suck

I hopped on the mobile web train early on, in the WAP era, on my Motorola V3. Back then, GPRS speeds were well-known as painfully slow next to the rising broadband connection, but I was okay with them. Most Google apps were dutifully adapted to WAP and rendered a minified version in the native browser, enough for me to do some searches and read some emails.

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