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Pack Your Shit and Leave: Ghosts from the past

O texto de hoje é uma reflexão sobre esta pergunta feita no The Workplace. Vou fazer um resumo em português abaixo. Há considerações técnicas que farei conforme a necessidade, mas este não é um texto técnico

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Stack Exchange for Computer Science Educators is live!

Teaching computer skills is challenging in a plethora of ways and it's nice that CSE has finally come out of private beta. Check us out and help us build a community around teaching and learning how to teach computer skills!

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New Site Proposal: Technical Communication

Documentation is one of the main pain in the arses of most developers in any company. Either because they hate to write it and end up being forced to do it, or because they don't and the next coder in charge will find himself between a rock and a hard place while trying to solve a bug that should've been known already. 

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