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Let's Encrypt: a Perhaps Decent Tutorial of SSL Encryption for Django, gunicorn, nginx, and Ubuntu Setups

OBS: This tutorial was reviewed and adapted to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 17.04, and Ubuntu 17.10 (and derivates). It was not tested in any other operating system. Be careful if not using one of them.
OBS: If you have arrived from a search engine, be mindful it was written several years ago. Tools, pipelines, and commands might have changed over time.


Encryption has suddenly become all the rave, now that Google has finally managed to crack the SHA-1 algorithm. Of course, none of that is going to save your ass from the NSA, so one wonders how essential it really is. It looks like one of those techie causes that every geek decided to start to condone, all of a sudden, like the One Laptop Per Child initiative, or -argh! - the everyone should learn to code. I think Jeff Atwood explains perfectly what I think about it

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