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Monday Tales (episode XII)

Achei que semana passada teria sido o maior desafio do ano, mas claramente estava enganado. Dessa vez, com certeza ultrapassei as 80 horas de trabalho. Terei que desacelerar esta semana para poder recuperar as energias, mas aqui seguem as novidades:

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Monday Tales (episode XI)

This was the most exhausting week since... well, I can't even remember. I must have worked between 60 to 80 hours, in total, with barely any time left to study. Still, here come some news:

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Monitoring Rock in Rio

Last night, I had the opportunity to spend the night at the Centro de Operações Rio, monitoring social networks in search of data regarding the city inner workings during the Rock in Rio. Although I can't share much with you - for now -, I'd love to show you a few posts that made me giggle in between large cups of coffee. Have fun!

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