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5 thing I hate about traveling

Acabei de chegar do trabalho e corri para escrever este texto. Hoje, o assunto no escritório foi viagens. Meu chefe já morou na Suíça e tem parentes na América do Norte e, por lá, a proximidade das cidades e a sólida infraestrutura torna o processo de viajar de um lugar a outro muito descomplicado. Um colega juntou-se a nossa discussão contando que tem o sonho de percorrer a América Latina de motocicleta, como na história do guerrilheiro argentino Che Guevara. Enquanto ele contava a fantasia, minha mente esquizofrênica tocava Al Otro Lado Del Río, a primeira canção não escrita em inglês a ganhar um Oscar:

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Saudade (episode II)

Today, September 7th, 2017, is a special day for those 200 million Brazilians who still live in the country: It's been 195 years since Brazil declared independence from the Portuguese monarchy. Especially this year, when, landing on a Thursday, offers an opportunity for an extended holiday to those who are still employed. Even Google joined the party:

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My guide for learning French

Taking up on an advice sang by a dear friend last week, I've decided to start getting serious about learning French. It shouldn't be hard for someone who's already fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, and it'll open up windows for work opportunities in places like Quebec, France, and Belgium. I plan on getting a B2 certificate (intermediate level) by the time of graduation, and then apply to a job overseas. It's no secret I miss Canada with all my heart, and this might be a decisive step towards going back. 

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I've been working harder than ever and getting time to think is becoming a luxury. I still have time to feel, though, and I miss Canada so much I set some time aside to find my old pictures.

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