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The cold's coming in hot!

It's been unusually cold in Rio the last week.

Of course, by cold, I mean around 15ºC (40ºF), which is essentially Canadian spring standards, but, still, enough to put mostly everyone at the streets in jackets. I woke up today to all-around tweets about how cold it is, and even a long-standing trending topic about the cold.

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Caffeine detox: my 15-day long journey

So, as I mentioned earlier, I've been off caffeine for a while. Here's a bit of context behind it:, then. I don't have any intention of stopping taking them. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker until my stomach started melting. Around 2011, I found out about caffeine pills and, since then, I've never wanted to go back. They make feel energetic, articulate, and decisive right out of bed. By the time the effect is going away, I feel tired and sleepy but, guess what, it's already bed time. 

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Leaving PURA, caffeine rehab, and some student appreciation for a change

versão em português

I had such a busy day that barely any stories can come out of it. I did have prepared a nice presentation in statistics to make my little blog a little more academic, but I couldn't get the simulations done in time.

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