I've been working harder than ever and getting time to think is becoming a luxury. I still have time to feel, though, and I miss Canada so much I set some time aside to find my old pictures.

I don't know if that's all the craziness happening in Brazil, or if working so hard somehow reminds me when I had to pull a major effort there to balance school, work and living abroad. Still, in my memories, it feels more like a dream than anything else. Even my studies there were more fun than the ones I have here.

Today, I was discussing with a coworker how low have UFRJ decayed since I enrolled, and part of me wanted to tell her about how easy it was to connect, to focus, to build and to research when burocracy is not continuously working against you.

I guess winter is coming, indeed, and it doesn't look like rainy days will ever be as peaceful and miraculous as they used to be.

Oh, Canada, I left you behind and all that you left me was saudade.



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