Pack Your Shit and Leave: Epilogue

The moment I have waited for so long has finally arrived, and significantly faster than expected. The situation at PURA reached critical status and ended up in my resignation. Here are the facts. 

On July 8th, I called in sick. On this date, a volunteer was bothered by three Management members to help them buy stuff for the following day classes. Since he was unable to help them, due to being warned at the final hour and already having another appointment, those three Management members started a persecution against him, building a clear case of abuse of authority. Employing prerogatives that they could not, all three of them used a decision that had never been comunicated to the community (therefore, worthless) to sustain the moral harassment over two days, through presential and virtual means. 

In the following day, albeit still weakened by illness, I went to the Project and none of those three consulted me or let me know about what happened. Every activity was diligently completed with loud approval, and the volunteer thanked me for showing up, despite my terrible health.

Hence my flabberghast at the next day, when I received his complaints. A Manager, using rude language and hierarchy that does not compete to her, threatened to cancel his future activities and sabotage his plans. Since, as Pedagogic Coordinator, scheduling activities falls under my umbrella (and, even then, I have never threatened anyone), he consulted me about his moral harrassment

I took to the Management a discussion about proper apologies to him, as well as an adequate broadcast of that decision. Out of eight Mangement members, six abstained before the complaint, claiming that the volunteer brought the harassment upon himself by not behaving adequately. I replied that personal issues cannot be dealt with by means of professional decisions, and are not acceptable explanations for criminal practices, but, still, they remained stubborn. The agressor denied any persecution, even after citing several personal feuds as the fuelers of her actions. At the end, the General Coordinator took a stance against moral violence, but, picking a generic approach, does not address any of her behaviors. 

After a week, her persecution persists, with increasing support from the other Managers. Since I did not agree with that leniency, I pressed the other coordinators and, together, we arrived to the following agreement:

  1. The school will address a public apology to the volunteer, followed by the decision announcement. This apology will reaffirm the school's position of not condoning moral harassment and actively repressing any kind of personal vendettas;
  2. Persecution against that volunteer will immediately stop. His activities will be kept on schedule and without further complications;
  3. Management will invite teachers to its virtual dependencies, as a way to promote transparency; 
  4. I will be stepping down as Pedagogic Coordinator soon, since I no longer trust the current Management as an organization invested in fighting crimes against dignity. 

The agreement has been reached with the consent of all parties, and is subject to full compliance. The failure of either party to abide by the agreement shall be revoked in full. Although my position has been served as a sacrifice, my expectation is that the PURA community has now more effective ways of preventing and combating bullying on its premises.

In the end, I hope I'm doing the right thing and preventing Mediocrity, Impunity, and Neglect from taking over PURA. For now, it's time for me to pack my shit and leave

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