New prototype published:

Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that I built a new prototype with my limited free time. A startup I applied to asked me to build a web dashboard out of a dataset they sent me and here it is, in full glory:

The results are fantastic for something done in under a week, using tools I was not familiar with. So did the company, that ended up deciding on hiring me. If you want to check this applet out in its original environment, it's going to be available online for a while at. I'll probably take it out in a while, however, since it's costing me US$5/month.

For this application, I used bokeh with its full server functionalities, so it is able to asynchronously update without having to reload the page. It is far from being as documented and flexible as its R counterpart, but, still, being built on Python makes it a lot stronger, since every graph can easily be embedded into Python web applications. I still have mixed opinions on it, but I have garnered enough experience to conclude it definitely is a valuable resource for online apps I'd like to be building soon.

I have published the full source code here, if any of you is interested. I have certainly had a lot of fun and look forward to explore it for a more complex system!



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