Monday Tales

This one's gonna be a shortie. I've been on a hurry and barely able to write anything. 

    1. An angry Stack Exchange user decided to mass downvote my posts in several websites. The source seems to be the author of this answer. The reasons why I believe it was him? I had just downvoted this answer, for confusing Native Americans with Africans; and now he's got 124 points, which means he's no longer able to downvote anyone. I wonder whether or not he knows most votes have been reversed.

  1. School's back, but I'll only have classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings. 
  2. My 2-hour long live broadcast from Youtube was suspended because of a 5 minutes long videoclip. Youtube has also been holding my video hostage, but, luckily, I have managed to outmaneuver them and download a copy. I'll edit it to about 40 minutes long and re-upload, maybe even here. 
  3. My weekly upload on PURA's online system is hugely late. Maybe tomorrow, I've been having server issues at this moment. 
  4. Bruno Naschpitz, the brain behind, have come visit us there and made a compliment about my system, which kind of made my weekend. 
  5. I've grown very unsatisfied with this blog engine. Mezzanine seems promising, but nothing further. 

That's all for today. Off to bed because tomorrow is poised to be a looong day.

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