Monday Tales: Power (outage) Edition (part IV)

This month's started off slow but managed to pick up steam as the weekend approached: 

  1. Several managers at PURA left the management team this week (in Portuguese). This is something I have been longing for a while. My expectation now is that, with a leaner, stricter, more agile composition, we will be able to achieve the results we have worked so hard to obtain;
  2. The weather has gone south and my bronchitis is killing me. Please send help;
  3. I've been called in for two job interviews and nailed both. I still haven't got a call or email, though, but I'm hopeful;
  4. Unfortunately, the freelance I was expecting for this week is on hold due to the client's family issues. Luckily, I have an emergency fund for these situations, but it's still depressing;
  5. For the past two weeks, I was keeping my commitment to blog at least once a day (in Portuguese). This weekend, however, directly stopped me from blogging by leaving me sick and out of (electric) power, which is why this Monday Tales is coming on a Tuesday morning. I plan to post more blogs today to make it up for it;
  6. I've been able to find the time to make several enhancements to this website. Make sure you check them out!

I'm feeling quite energetic today, which is the sole reason to rewrite this after the power failure yesterday. I'll be back today with my regular, longer, better-structured stories. See you soon!

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