Monday Tales (episode XIII)

I can't even remember when was the last time I've updated this series for the last time. Let's cut to the news:

    1. The brain drain keeps on going with another great scientist leaving the country, seeking more stable scenarios. This time, I was able to frame our last moments together:

Vamonos a extrañarte, Carmencita!

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  1. My bronchitis was replaced by an alergic amigdalitis that left me voiceless today. I'm also not sleeping well, since I can't stop coughing. But the bigger toll has been taken by my patience, which has become very, very short;
  2. I'm reconsidering whether or not I want to keep my social networks operational. Now that Twitter officially supports up to 280 characters, and Brazilian middle-class seems adamant about ignoring all macroeconomic and sociopolitic issues this country needs to overcome, in favor of a ludicrous agenda about individual liberties, the benefit in keeping them is no longer outweighing the drawbacks. I might not be able to stop the collective hysteria, but I'm not obligated to be a part of it;
  3. Deadlines for the last phase of Vestibular UERJ 2018 end this week, don't waste time!

Unfortunately, the amigdalitis has been forcing me to spend more time than ever resting, which is taking my time away from writing. Yet, I've scrambled together 15 minutes to translate this post because I want you to know that you matter to me, and I care about you. See you next time!



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