Monday Tales (episode VII)

Last week look uninspiring at first, but the weekend arrived to shake things up. Let's go:

    1. The cold and the inversion are destroying my health. I'm having to wear a jacket (yes, in Rio!) to protect myself from the cold (an obvious sign of fever). I also needed to miss two days of work and one more at PURA because of it;
    2. Speaking of work, there is a very nice opportunity to work on monitoring the social networks for the Rock in Rio festival. The exam will happen this weekend, but it has no syllabus, so I do not know exactly what to study. Also, it will only require me to be there be during the weekends, which means that 9-to-5 job will not be affected;
    3. Yesterday, we had the proeminent presence of Professor Maria Lúcia Guimarães de Faria, a specialist in Guimarães Rosa, to present the tale À Terceira Margem do Rio to the students of Pré-Universitário Comunitário Rubem Alves:

  1. We had full house attending:
  2. It didn't achieve the same success among the volunteers, however. Some of them decided to pull off a cataclismic fuss over such a stupid issue that I'd rather describe in a future post. I'm not worried, though. This time, the message was loud and clear: pack your shit and leave

That's all for today, folks. See you tomorrow!

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