Monday Tales (episode III)

This month's last week has hidden quite a few surprises. I'm going to share some with you:

  1. A heated discussion at school's management prompted some managers to put in some work this weekend. As such, things worked out a lot smoother and made me reconsider leaving PURA;
  2. Yesterday, we hit the three-digits mark again, with 103 students showing up to study on a Sunday. In PURA's history, this had only happened twice;
  3. I got a lot of job offers since Thursday, most of them are quite what I want. I don't know what suddenly happened to my resumé, but it's working, apparently;
  4. I was handsomely paid for a surprisingly difficult job I did for a client. She gave me a bonus for it, and also recommended me to her colleagues;
  5. Which got me a new freelance, let's see how this one goes;
  6. For the past ten days, I've been keeping my promise to blog at least once a day, regardless of how tired or overwhelmed I might be feeling;
  7. As a result, I got a 500% increase in visitors at this blog;
  8. A friend read the series about statistics and said it was a work well done. Coming from someone who's rather rigid and works with stats for a living, this was quite a praise.

I'm feeling quite thankful today and wanted to share some news with you. I'll be back tomorrow with my regular stories. See ya.

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