Mea culpa and welcome back

Well, if anyone still reads this, must have noticed it's been gone for a while. Actually, here's a tip: this blog has RSS/Atom activated, and it's accessible through apps such as Telegram. That being said, I apologize, mainly due to the fact I had already known this could happen, and was caught off-guard exactly when trying to prepare for this (oops!).

Two years ago, Google search started boycotting mixed-content websites, which was actually good for me, since this blog had an embedded free how-to-encrypt tutorial since the very beginning. The certificated has to be renewed every 90 days, and a cron job did the dirty work for me.

Their e-mail was actually gentle and arrived with well-detailed upgrading instructions.

Since last June, the client was updated and will no longer support mixed content, even if provided by different sources, such as links to other domains, images hosted in other servers, and social media integration that benchmarks demonstrate decent popularity. During this transition, I tried to force a permanent redirect (status 301) in this external content and, accidentally, caused an infinite loop that took this server down.

If you have managed to read this from a modern web brownser (my top pick remains Mozilla Firefox, but a Google Chrome guide is on its way), it means the fix is already working and unencrypted content will just be dropped by the browser. This might prove unfortunate sometimes, but it would take forever to find all external links that do not support HTTPS upgrade, so dropping it will save me both time and mental health. It is still possible for your browser to block safe content (adblockers often make this confusion): if that's the case, I would kindly ask you to please let me know in the comments below (I read them all, even when I don't reply).

My weekly gossip editorial will be back online every Monday and I intend to update it tomorrow. That's all for today, folks. See you tomorrow, Upper East Siders!



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