It's Gonna Be May

originally published in Portuguese on 2017-05-20, but gone through significant changes to suit a more global audience 

I know I promised May would be different. I know I promised this blog would see more love. I know, I didn't live up to my words. I know. You might been hurt, baby, that ain't no lie, you've seen them all come and go. I could blame the wild circunstances, but, instead, I'll take the high road and squeeze them for better stories. 

Instead of crying that every little thing I do never seems enough for you, I'm annoucing some changes to this website. First, as it might be obvious already, this blog will start hosting content originally written in Portuguese, as well as translations of old content. In any case, unless noted otherwise, every single of these lines will be keyed in by my very own hands. Not all content will be available in both languages, unfortunately, because I put a lot of heart into everything I write and, as such, translating feelings, characters and contexts back and forth is too heavy of a task for anyone to endure alone. 

The second change is a bit more technical: I have finally found where Mezzanine was hiding the option to run external HTML code and, from now on, guess what? My blog will suport fun gimmicks such as Youtube videos:

I promise to make an effort into publishing more interactive and multimedia posts. However, I intend to continue producing only texts. It is one of the main reasons why I have built my own blog instead of settling for a Facebook page, after all. 

The third change is about timeliness (fancy word for something arriving at the right time): I am so commited to the habit of writing in public, even if no one will ever read, that I will publish new, original content every single day, including weekends. It brings me clarity and it's become my main tool of self-reflection. Naturally, some of my posts will have to be scheduled, canned or translated, but this doesn't change the original premise: every day, you will read here something that has never been published to the world wide web before. 

Lastly, I have been longing to write less about personal issues, and this is the right time to start. Typing these lines require a huge amount of introspection, and it often leaves me much more exhausted than you could imagine. This post, for instance, despite being mostly a translation, took me a full hour to finish, because I wanted it to have its own soul. The effort of being honest with myself, face my fears and braveries, is way too emotionally taxing to be repeated every single day. Other than that, I feel like my life isn't particularly interesting to anyone. Trust me, I live with myself 24 hours a day, it is boring, I don't wish it upon anyone else.

I'm still unsure about what will be my main focus from now on, but keep an open mind and enjoy the ride. Maybe it'll be worh, maybe it won't, but don't worry about it. In any case, you've got no choice, baby, but to move on, you know there ain't no time to waste...

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