I'm officially bilingual now: some stats (episode II)

So, as of yesterday, I started the painful process of manually translating every post I have ever made in this blog (I do not use any automated tools for that). The first step, however, was actually removing duplicates, that are now being consolidated onto the previously English link. This means that all URLs are going to be in English, which may be annoying for some of you, but I had to compromise in some way to make it work.

I have already removed 14 blog entries. With them, the english and português tags are also going down. This is going to happen silently, with this post having the sole purpose of documenting the change. I expect to have them taken down by the end of the month, but I'm not in a hurry due to the end of the semester at college and starting out at a new job, which both take a serious toll in my energy and available time.

With this one, this blog is down to 50 published entries, a lot less than I expected at this time, but I'm in the process of making it up for it. This means July should see shorter stories than previous months, so I apologize in advance for that if you are into walls of text. Other than that, we all should wait and see. Until then, that's all, folks.

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