First day at new job

So, it was quite an uneventful day, despite everything that happened. I called the companies to let them know I'd be declining their offers and they were ok with it. They asked why and were understanding of my reasons.

In the afternoon, I went to campus to meet my new coworkers. They seem fine and have a great sense of humor. My workstation has been set up already, took me less than two hours, probably the quickiest I've ever managed to accomplish. One of the reasons is that I didn't install an integrated development environment (IDE), which is something I'm going to need sooner rather than later.

I got familiar with their tools and the job itself seems not complicated at all. I feel like tomorrow's going to be a productive day. I didn't sign the contract yet because of a typo in the document, but everything else is settled.

So, that was all. Perhaps too anticlimatic but that's exactly what I needed right now. Down with the drama for a while, please!



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