Fighting self-esteem (episode II)

You know those days when everything goes wrong and the only thing you wish is to go back to bed at the end of the day?

Well, today's not one of those days. Despite the power outage that plagued my street all day long due to a high voltage wire theft, I just got (since my connection is back online) three distinct professional offers:

  1. An on campus tech startup offered me an internship with fenomenal hours. The process was just a two-hour long interview with a partner (don't get me wrong, it felt like a lunch talk) and a home project to prove my coding skills. The pay is low and there aren't many benefits, but, being on campus, costs are also minimal. Startups in Rio de Janeiro usually get bankrupt and/or sold in a few years, which might be either a positive or a negative, depending on the economy growth rates;
  2. A fast-food transnational offered me a position as a trainee, conditioned to efective hiring in 12 months. I had to take several online tests (logic, English, Portuguese, general knowledge), a group dynamic1, another group dynamic, and an interview with one of the directors. It is a corporate position, although not in a proper office2. The starting salary is tempting, with a plethora of benefits, and professional perspectives seem great. Location has not been defined yet (in fact, mobility was a requirement), and the schedule is taxing, albeit flexible. The work I would do there has nothing to do with technology at all;
  3. A finance consulting offered me a job as risk analist. It is a medium-sized company, and its office is located about 20km (12 miles) away from home, and 30km (18 miles) away from school. In terms of time in motion, I'm talking about three to five hours of daily commuting, considering the constant jams that ravage this city. The process was composed of several online tests, a single group dynamic and an interview with a partner. It is the best salary among all offers, and I'll also get fantastic benefits in the package. It is a corporate office, as expected, but career opportunities were not disclosed. What was discussed, however, were schedule and dress code: both quite strict3.


1I abhor group dynamics. I have no issues about being tested or colective evaluations, far from that, but those dynamics hardly ever follow this logic (or any logic at all). Instead, human resources employees prefer to waste company resources into inventing questions and tasks aimed at embarassing the participants.

2The main reason I picked computer engineering at college was to ensure I`d be working at a proper office, in front of a computer and in an air-conditioned environment.

3Dress code per se does not bother me, but it is a worrying trend in any company, because it demonstrates that burocracy prevails over meritocracy, and management pays more attention to appearance than essence. This is an environment ripe for the stablishment of Mediocrity, Impunity, and Neglect.

I accepted all the options above, because I need time to think about them

Now, I have until Monday to make up my mind. I'm leaning towards the first option, since it is the most compatible one with college hours. Their transparency also pleased me very much. Being interviewed by someone who actually understands the business, then being evaluated by my actual coding skills, points to a place where I can finally do what I planned to do when I enrolled at the engineering college.

But I'm still on the fence. I'd like to listen to your opinion. I promise to pay close attention to it this time, but don't get used to it.

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