Monday Tales (episode VIII)

Despite last week being taken over by the confusion, I somehow managed to find some space for news:

  1. I've been invited to an interview at the city council this morning. I didn't perform as well as I wanted to: they were interested in corporate tools and I have always been a Python fanboy. But I believe I did well enough in the modelling challenge, so I still have a shot;
  2. Speaking of interviews, that transnational (from last month) called me in again last week. It seems that they were not able to fill all the job positions (I wonder how many refused just like me), and, this time, they're inviting me to meet the CEO. I must confess I accepted just so I could meet a CEO, I'm deeply curious;
  3. I got a new mouse, I'll be doing a review soon (spoiler: much better than the predecessor);
  4. I finally found the bug that was driving me insane for weeks at work. Unfortunately, I just found another one right after, but, at least, I can count that as progress;
  5. Suffering from crippling depression, I watched every video from Porta dos Fundos. Yes, every video. And I laughed with them. Don't worry, I've already called my doctor. 

That's all for today. See you next week!

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