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First day at new job

So, it was quite an uneventful day, despite everything that happened. I called the companies to let them know I'd be declining their offers and they were ok with it. They asked why and were understanding of my reasons.

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Monday Tales (episode V)

Got a new toy

I bought new earplugs, after a year without a reliable one. The one I got in 2016 was a Multilaser model, which was just plain awful. Audio quality was pitiful, but what was really rage-inducing was build quality: essentially, it literally dismantled in my hands after just over a month. It wasn't one of the cheapest models either: I only buy earplugs with noise isolation and builtin mic, and it looked like the best one available at the store. Well, Multilaser earned its reputation for a reason, I guess.

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New prototype published:

Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that I built a new prototype with my limited free time. A startup I applied to asked me to build a web dashboard out of a dataset they sent me and here it is, in full glory:

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Fighting self-esteem (episode II)

You know those days when everything goes wrong and the only thing you wish is to go back to bed at the end of the day?

Well, today's not one of those days. Despite the power outage that plagued my street all day long due to a high voltage wire theft, I just got (since my connection is back online) three distinct professional offers:

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The burglar's phone

Here, in Rio de Janeiro (perhaps in the whole of Brazil), scared by the urban violence rampant growth, a silent phenomenon took our society by assault: the burglar's phone.

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