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Happy Children's Day

Hoje, dia 12 de outubro, é uma data bastante comemorativa na minha família. Além de ser Dia das Crianças, feriado e Dia de Nossa Senhora Aparecida (minha família é católica apostólica romana), também é um dos aniversários mais importantes do ano: o Aniversário Guanabara do meu tio, irmão de minha mãe. O fato de ser feriado é crucial: independentemente das circunstâncias, é um momento em que todos podem se reunir, a despeito das distâncias. 

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Monday Tales (episode XIII)

I can't even remember when was the last time I've updated this series for the last time. Let's cut to the news:

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Monday Tales (episode XII)

Achei que semana passada teria sido o maior desafio do ano, mas claramente estava enganado. Dessa vez, com certeza ultrapassei as 80 horas de trabalho. Terei que desacelerar esta semana para poder recuperar as energias, mas aqui seguem as novidades:

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Monday Tales (episode XI)

This was the most exhausting week since... well, I can't even remember. I must have worked between 60 to 80 hours, in total, with barely any time left to study. Still, here come some news:

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Monday Tales (episode X)

Quick update for these last weeks:

  1. I finished the training for the upcoming Rock in Rio gig. Part of it was claiming my piece of land in every social network, as I'd told you here. I'm glad to work along such amazing people:
  2. I'm struggling with my French lessons. Not because they're particularly hard, but mostly because they're strenuous. Last lesson had over 100 pages of content and exercises and took me 5 days;
  3. I got a new printer and will write a full review on it, as usual; 
  4. I've also made some changes under the hood for this blog, but I'll leave them to the next Meta Review

Rundown of next week:

  1. Rock in Rio will start on Friday. If you're going, avoid private transportation at all costs. Pay attention to city hall's recommendations and prioritize taking the subway or the BRT lines;
  2. Fluminense FC will play LDU at the Maracanã next Thursday, valid for the Copa Sudamericana's round of 16. These teams have built a lot of rivalry in the past and I'll be there to root for some payback. If you're going, feel free to hit me up;
  3. I have started my Capstone project. I can't provide much detail for now, but I'm confident it'll reflect a lot of what I've learnt both at UFRJ and at UBC, as well as interaction with people so diverse over the last couple years;
  4. Spring is coming and, with it, Rio's well-known scorching heat. I'm mostly sad I just filled my closed with fantastic shirts. I guess I'll have to find opportunities to use them without melting under. 

Tomorrow, I plan on going a bit more verbose about my future plans. Until then, see you! 

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