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Monday Tales (episode XXIV)

Fevereiro está quase no fim, mas sabe o que está longe de acabar? Isso mesmo, as fofocas da semana!

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Chronicles of an intervention (part I)

Alguma coisa tem de ser feita

Sexta-feira, oito horas da manhã. O telefone de Ataíde toca:

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One swallow does not a summer make

There must have been 24 hours since I talked to someone for the last time. It's been lonely, but not depressing. To be honest, it's quite relaxing. Self-reflection has allowed me to be thankful for the unexpected beauty from the art that speaks through the silence.

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My reading list #1

Well, since I will be keeping up with the promise of reading a book a month this year, here's my reading list at this moment:

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