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Guanabara's Birthday: Live in France

Estava lendo o Le Parisien para o curso de francês ontem e descobri uma notícia muito engraçada para compartilhar com vocês.

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My reading list #1

Well, since I will be keeping up with the promise of reading a book a month this year, here's my reading list at this moment:

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My guide for learning French

Taking up on an advice sang by a dear friend last week, I've decided to start getting serious about learning French. It shouldn't be hard for someone who's already fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, and it'll open up windows for work opportunities in places like Quebec, France, and Belgium. I plan on getting a B2 certificate (intermediate level) by the time of graduation, and then apply to a job overseas. It's no secret I miss Canada with all my heart, and this might be a decisive step towards going back. 

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