Art Corner (episode II)

On my last attempts to relax, I stumbled upon a bunch of comics from a very talented artist. You can read all of her strips below, or read the selection of my favorite ones right after. 

Comics by Dre

You can follow her on Instagram or support her art directly on Patreon. Unfortunately, she's not on Twitter. If you decide to follow her, please send her my appreciation.

About her art

Her drawing style is very meme-like, heavily influenced by the web comic subculture, full of short stories packed with humor, puns, and depression. 

While her inspiration is rather pedestrian, it does make her comics hit the sweet spot between irony and elegance. Even if you have never been in one of those situations, her narratives are so easy to relate to that should not pose a challenge for anyone to dive in.

I particularly like this one strip about colorism, a trend that has annoyingly crept up among liberals in my generation:

She also draws many comics about body issues and sex-positiveness, but, managing to keep it casual and polite, it's a good material for teenagers and young adults alike. 

Of course, as every writer/illustrator that has ever used its gift to earn a living, she also falls into the trap of metalinguistics, but she does so quite gracefully:

Her style seems somehow familiar and refreshing at the same time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you liked it as well, help spread her work around!

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