Art Corner (episode I)

I've been trying to put my artistic skills to work for some time and the results have been way too hilarious for me not to share with you. 

My skills are limited to basic Photoshop manipulation and tracing a straight line using a ruler. I can't draw a house, even if my life depended on it. And that's why I've been dedicating my relaxing time to this, because it's a lot of fun to see myself fail so horribly like that. 

I wanted to waste a day into drawing a logo for my website just to see what I would get. I wanted something tech-related, casual but professional looking, something that is dear to me but accessible to basically anyone. The end result was this:

Terrifying, I know. It was meant to be an integrated circuit inside a chip, but creativitiy ended there. I'm still giggling by just looking at it. 

Investigating some fonts was also fun, but slightly more productive:

This font is open source, common in most web browsers, and it looks really similar to my handwriting. The colors are way off, though, it is in serious need of a tan. 

That's all for today. I'll keep on working on a visual identity for my website but I'm moving away from this design, don't worry. 



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