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My guide for learning French

Taking up on an advice sang by a dear friend last week, I've decided to start getting serious about learning French. It shouldn't be hard for someone who's already fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish, and it'll open up windows for work opportunities in places like Quebec, France, and Belgium. I plan on getting a B2 certificate (intermediate level) by the time of graduation, and then apply to a job overseas. It's no secret I miss Canada with all my heart, and this might be a decisive step towards going back. 

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The Return of the Undead

So, after years working with social networks - and avoiding most of them like the plague -, I've decided to get back and try again. This time, I'll be driving new profiles, since I need a fresh start, after all.

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Brain drain & Heart condition

On this rainy Friday night, this country lost one of its most brilliant brains, and I might not ever see one of my best friends again. This is just another chapter on the political dystopia Michel Temer is writing with our blood.

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Monday Tales (episode IV)

Wow, what a hectic couple weeks! I have so much to tell you and the whole world that I don't want to waste any time with introductions! Let's dive in:

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NA LCS Summer 2017 review: weeks 6-9

Well, this was a handsome well-written piece before the power running out and ruining it. Now, it's going to be a shortie!

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