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New mouse

Getting a decent mouse has always been a challenging decision to me. While most people can just settle for whatever is cheapest and available, I do have to account for a few idiosyncrasies:

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Art Corner (episode II)

On my last attempts to relax, I stumbled upon a bunch of comics from a very talented artist. You can read all of her strips below, or read the selection of my favorite ones right after. 

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Grandmothers' day

There won't be the usual blog post today because it's Grandma's birthday! And it's also Grandmothers' day! What a combo, right? 

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Vox Populi Vox Dei

So, I'm making an effort to deal with the crushing depression after I left PURA, and I've decided to make fun of myself in the process. Of course, the goal is to make myself laugh a little, but in the most embarrassing way possible, so I asked my followers on Twitter to join in the fun:

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Monday Tales (episode VIII)

Despite last week being taken over by the confusion, I somehow managed to find some space for news:

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