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The right tool for the job

So, on my quest to find an open source text editor to allow me to write code in an automated and effective way, I did not realize I'd start using Vim, the god-awful builtin editor in most Linux distributions that somehow has a fuckton of supporters. Don't get me wrong, Vim would be my #1 choice, too, if we were still in the 90s. It's 2017, however, and I deserve better tools for the tasks at hand.

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I've been working harder than ever and getting time to think is becoming a luxury. I still have time to feel, though, and I miss Canada so much I set some time aside to find my old pictures.

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First day at new job

So, it was quite an uneventful day, despite everything that happened. I called the companies to let them know I'd be declining their offers and they were ok with it. They asked why and were understanding of my reasons.

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Monday Tales (episode V)

Got a new toy

I bought new earplugs, after a year without a reliable one. The one I got in 2016 was a Multilaser model, which was just plain awful. Audio quality was pitiful, but what was really rage-inducing was build quality: essentially, it literally dismantled in my hands after just over a month. It wasn't one of the cheapest models either: I only buy earplugs with noise isolation and builtin mic, and it looked like the best one available at the store. Well, Multilaser earned its reputation for a reason, I guess.

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New prototype published:

Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you know that I built a new prototype with my limited free time. A startup I applied to asked me to build a web dashboard out of a dataset they sent me and here it is, in full glory:

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