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Monday Tales (part II)

This Monday's post going to be a bit weird. Monday's been traditionally associated with work and melancholy, two words that aren't usually next to each other in my mind. In fact, a while ago, I looked for a joyful GIF of Monday motivation to send to a friend and got nothing. I feel like Mondays bring again the flavor of normalcy that Sundays' triteness seemed to make us forget. However, due to a rather diligent weekend, my checklist has got to the bottom and there isn't anything urgent to work on, so I decided to take a day off on this Monday, because, well, why not?

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An afternoon with the best League of Legends players in the world

versão em português 

Today was an unusual day. Following my psychologist's orders, I've been trying to relax for weeks now. Turns out this relaxing thing is boring as heck. Apparently, it is supposed to be entertaining without being exciting, and there are some people (actually, most people) that happen to enjoy doing nothing. Of course, I went to Pré-Universitário Comunitário Rubem Alves in the morning, as usual, but left early for my relaxing duties. Oops, I forgot I'm not supposed to consider it a duty. My bad

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It's Gonna Be May

originally published in Portuguese on 2017-05-20, but gone through significant changes to suit a more global audience 

I know I promised May would be different. I know I promised this blog would see more love. I know, I didn't live up to my words. I know. You might been hurt, baby, that ain't no lie, you've seen them all come and go. I could blame the wild circunstances, but, instead, I'll take the high road and squeeze them for better stories. 

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