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Racism at UFRJ made the news, but didn't make much splash

Two days ago, I made a lengthy essay about why society should not be surprised at abuse complaints from UFRJ staff, especially tenured professors. If you haven't yet, please go back and read it. While UOL Notícias article on the racist professor is quite professional and thorough, it protects him by attempting to stay impartial. I am pretty confident Marcela Lemos - as a competent journalist - has managed to find his identity already, but won't expose herself to a lawsuit. Nor will I, of course, because, being still a student, I'm already at risk by just writing this blog. In fact, the main reason I'm writing it is that nearly no one reads this, except for my six weekly readers (thanks baby for incrementing that count, I love you). 

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Racism at UFRJ made the news, but abusive behavior is not news for us, students

When I got back from lunch today, I found out about the news all my classmates were fussing about. It's still fresh, being published less than 4 hours ago. In colossal letters, the headline cuts deep and to the chase:

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Why I write a blog

versão em português

I am asked at least once a week why I write a blog. Sure, it is easy to understand why one would have a social networking profile (to find friends and colleagues) or a personal website (personal marketing is often more important than actual work). I still have a Twitter account, and this blog is indeed hosted under my personal website, but I pay little to no attention to it. Answering that question, however, required a lot more introspection than I predicted. Whatever answer I could provide at the time would be shallow, tangential, or maybe just plain wrong. And I know that because I believe I've found the answer. 

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Windows Vista is trending because we allow Mediocrity, Impunity, and Neglect to rule our lives

I woke up today to find out that Windows Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft as of today. Even though it adds up to less than a single percent of all users on the Internet, and effectively zero percent of all my 5 readers, it has garnered enough attention to become news. 

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Facebook is a factory of assholery

It's been around six months already that Twitter has become my main social network website. Of course, it should be easy for anyone inserted into the Internet in the last 10 years to realize why: tweets are mostly short, straight to the point, and pack a high signal-to-noise ratio. Tweets are cheap to the reader: a futile tweet will waste me less than a minute. 

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