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Pack Your Shit and Leave (part 2)

versão em português

It's been a while, I know. The excuses remain the same, it should not come as a surprise at this point. Get over it.

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Mobile websites suck

I hopped on the mobile web train early on, in the WAP era, on my Motorola V3. Back then, GPRS speeds were well-known as painfully slow next to the rising broadband connection, but I was okay with them. Most Google apps were dutifully adapted to WAP and rendered a minified version in the native browser, enough for me to do some searches and read some emails.

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When you seek education but education runs away from you

Today's been my first day at school, this year. I could barely get any sleep due to the anxiety, and, like a zombie crawling out a hole towards sunlight, there I was, looking for my classes.

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Pack Your Shit and Leave

I've been relapsing these last few days, I know, but I haven't given up on blogging just yet. I won't pretend school's been holding me back, it would not only be a poor excuse, but also a lie. What's been chugging my time and attention is a serious, deeply rooted issue in our current work culture.

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Pride and newspeak

An unexpected sequence of coincidences steered me away from my usual train of thoughts, and inspired me to write this piece. The one I was going to publish today, about the process of deindustrialization of the state of Rio de Janeiro, will have to wait until the weekend. 

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